Mission Log: Entry 1 – “Off To A Rough Start”

My mission of Star Trek watching is off to a rough start. Being a newbie to this franchise, I had no idea that the “first” episode of the original series was the first pilot. I also did not know that AIR date and PRODUCTION date mattered when it came to the watch order. So my notes for the first five episodes (according to Netflix) did not make much sense, knowing what I do now. So I re-watched the episodes in order so my notes made sense.

As of this writing, I am almost finished with the first season of the Original Series, so here is a look at the first five episodes I watched in PRODUCTION order! Let me know what you think!

Original Pilot: The Cagechristopher-pike

I was highly disappointed when I found out this was the only episode with No. 1. She is actually my favorite character. For this to be produced in the 1960s, they made her a bad ass who wore pants and had a commanding leadership role. My queen.

Captain Pike is kinda a dick and has a problem with women in authority.

I think one of the main messages of this episode is that beauty is not always skin deep, as we see with Vina. Pike was clearly thinking with his man parts during his illusions. Number-One-star-trek-women-8427144-750-600

Not gonna lie to you: the telepathic space aliens freaked me out a little.

So far, this one is still my favorite, but I am sure that will change.

Sometimes a man’ll tell his bartender things he’ll never tell his doctor.” – Boyce

Episode 1: Where No Man Has Gone Before


Jesus, why are Spock’s eyebrows so high?!?!

Also, was ESP really a concern of people in the 60s?

The poem that Mitchell reads: “My love has wings, slender, feathered things with grace in upswept curve and tapered tip,” is touching.

Mitchell trying to kill Kirk was a little intense.

I am starting to get a sense that they are going to leave random one off characters on other planets.

Do you like what you see? Absolute power corrupting absolutely?” – Kirk

Episode 2: The Corbomite ManeuverBalok's_cube,_remastered

Ok. This episode is definitely a memorable one for me. I see what this reddit thread means by TOS being “campy”.


I laughed out loud every time that damn cube showed up on the screen.

Then the creepy alien man showed up. I thought it could not get any scarier.

Then the terrifying teeth baby graced my tablet screen. I audibly screamed.

I think I love Dr. McCoy. “What am I, a doctor or a moon-shuttle conductor?”

I’ve already got a female to worry about. Her name’s the Enterprise.” – Kirk

Episode 3: Mudd’s Women

bd599bf6351b1209cd9cfa7934fcdfaaI did not care for this episode. Women are treated as objects. Walsh/Mudd is literally the scum of the earth and I hate him.

The only thing I thought saved the episode is that Ruth (girl in green) looks very similar to Kacey Musgraves, who is my queen.

The fact that my internal arrangement differs from yours, doctor, pleases me no end.” – Spock

Episode 4: The Enemy Within

James_Kirks_evil_counterpartI really liked this one. I have been referring to it as “The Tale of Two Shatners.”

It was so odd seeing Kirk lose his cool. It was also uncomfortable to see his evil side treat Janice the way he did. Normal Kirk would never do that.

theenemywithin121Those cute little “space monster” things were adorable, too! It was difficult to pretend it was not a dog.

Also, to see Sulu freezing broke my heart. </3 “Any possibility of getting us back aboard before the skiing season opens down here?” – Sulu

We all have our darker side. We need it! It’s half of what we are. It’s not really ugly. It’s Human.” – McCoy

Episode 5: The Man Trap

I did not care for this episode, either.Kirk_McCoy_&_Nancy

I love Lt. Uhura trying to talk to Spock. Poor Spock. Not feeling emotion must be nice sometimes, though.

My man Dr. McCoy though. He is swoon worthy.

Beauty is still skin deep.

Salt is bae forreal, though. I would have problems living without it too, tbh. 

Tell me how your planet Vulcan looks on a lazy evening when the moon is full.” “Vulcan has no moon, Miss Uhura.” “I’m not surprised, Mr. Spock.


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