Dragon Con: Star Trek

P-80T-W1C-VC4Kinsey has recently gotten into Star Trek. Dragon Con was the perfect place for her ever growing obsession with the show! 

She met several cast members, attended a Star Trek: Discovery panel, and was even a contestant in the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant! 

Read about her experiences below!

69457237_723617938081615_75970867590332416_nOver the course of the weekend, I got to meet Ethan Peck, Mary Chieffo, William Shatner, George Takei, and Garrett Wang. I met Anson Mount in passing, but sadly did not get a picture with him. They were all very nice and gracious with their time and I could not have asked for a better experience. P-N7V-JGX-TCP

The panel was hosted by Garrett Wang, Ensign Kim, on Star Trek: Voyager and featured Ethan Peck, Spock; Shazad Latif, Ash Tyler; Anson Mount, Captain Pike; Mary Chieffo, L’Rell; and Emily Coutts, Keyla. 

The cast answered numerous questions about the series, but perhaps one of the highlights was the speculation surrounding the Capt. Pike, No. 1, and Spock spin-off. Peck and Mount both said they are totally down to be in it if the opportunity arises. “The Cage” is a favorite episode of mine and the possibility of potentially getting more to these three stories is EXCITING.IMG_4198

Another highlight was, since DragonCon takes places in the South, was hearing Garret Wang say Shazad’s name is a heavily doctored Southern accent. “SHA-ZAY-ED.” I LOL-ed! For the rest of the panel, everyone called him by that name. PRICELESS. 

The cast members got along so well together and I love that they can joke with each other off screen and seem to be genuine.


The Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant was so much fun to be a part of! The Pageant was hosted by Garrett Wang and was being judged by Mary Chieffo, last year’s winner, the winner of a Ms. Georgia pageant, and BUCK ROGERS (Gil Gerard). 69427305_2369398899941691_8554230498803580928_n

I modeled my character after No. 1 from “The Cage” (and later Discovery) down to the laser (they weren’t called phasers until later for those casual fans who have tried to correct me) and the green ribbon in her hair. She is one of the best women I have seen on Star Trek so far, so I was excited to emulate her in a small way.

For the talent portion, I demonstrated one of my favorite skits from “The Big Bang Theory,” Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.


There was also a question. Mine was “You see a large group of Red Shirts walking down the corridor, and they don’t look happy. You over hear them saying “I’ll show you Live Long and Prosper.” What do you do?” 


My answer was in two parts: one was to pull them aside and ask if they had thought about a life insurance policy. The second answer was to point and laugh. 

Luckily the crowd thought I was funny, so there is that.

The Salt Queen won the pageant and she modeled herself after the salt vampire in The Original Series, which was very refreshing to see.

My Star Trek fandom has been elevated by DragonCon and I cannot wait to delve further into the franchise. ❤ 


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