10 Characters Associated with the Color Green

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Andrew compiled a list of his favorite characters associated with the color green! We know there are some major characters left off the list! We have to save some for next year! Enjoy!


At 900 years old and only two and a half feet, Yoda was one of the oldest, most powerful, wisest Jedi in the history of Star Wars. Initially introduced in the Empire Strikes Back as a loopy swamp hermit, he immediately intrigued audiences and would go on to share a wealth of wisdom with his backwards stye speech during his time in the franchise.

Puppeteered by Muppet Show and Sesame Street veteran Frank Oz, Yoda was truly a remarkable achievement in visual effects and was always an entertaining character to watch.

To some fans dismay, they switched from puppeteering to CGI during the controversial prequel trilogy, but the animated Yoda ended up giving more of a facially expressive and nuanced performance than most humans in the films and was one of the few redeeming factors of the trilogy (in my opinion. Kinsey loves the trilogy most, but that is another conversation for another post.)

Even die-hard original trilogy fans couldn’t help but feel excited when Yoda started throwing down with Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

Yoda most recently surprised audiences with an appearance in the Last Jedi to visit his old buddy Luke (does anyone else want to see a buddy comedy where Yoda just annoys old hermit Luke on that island?) It is rumored that he will be making an appearance in Episode XI, but it is yet to be confirmed.

In any case, Yoda will forever be celebrated as one of the most iconic characters in sci-fi/fantasy cinema. How could you not start this list with Master Yoda?

stinkyStinky Peterson

There were few Hey Arnold side characters that were as likable and endearing as Stinky. With the appearance of a tall, lanky, southern elf, he instantly made himself memorable.

Although he may have had a tendency of getting in trouble while hanging with the likes of Sid or Harold, deep down Stinky had a heart of gold (or in this case, should we say green?)

He showed lots of integrity when he stepped down from being the Yahoo Soda posterboy due to unfair treatment, even turning down millions of dollars because he felt his pride was worth more. He showed dedication and commitment when he grew a giant pumpkin (and I don’t even like pumpkins.)

He even showed some musical skills when he busted out an alpenhorn during the school dance. Despite coming from a life of poverty, Stinky always remained upbeat and made the most of life.

Although his stereotypical southern boy personality might come off as grating to some, it never bothered me (which is good, because Kinsey is Southern. She would say Roll Tide in this instance.) Anytime I randomly say “I reckon”, it is likely because I grew up with Stinky on my TV.

It’s also worth mentioning (or is it?) that he is one of VERY few characters on Nickelodeon to have their bare ass exposed on screen. Take that for what it’s worth. Stinky definitely doesn’t bite.

Jason-David-Frank-Green-Ranger1Tommy Oliver

When the original Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, made his introduction in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in 1993, the young fandom’s minds exploded.

In the epic five part saga “Green With Evil,” the series took itself to a whole new level and raised the stakes drastically. Is it possible for a Power Ranger to be evil? Can the command center can get destroyed? The good guys don’t always win?

Luckily, before the fanbase was traumatized too much, his evil spell was broken and he quickly became one of the most popular characters on the show. It was hard to not think the Green Ranger was cool. He had the slick gold shield, a dagger that doubled as a flute, and a rocking jam of a theme song.

It didn’t hurt that actor Jason David Frank was an established martial artist in real life and was able to showcase his skills frequently on the show.

Tommy would continue to be a main character in the first five seasons of Power Rangers, eventually becoming the leader of the team and going through several wardrobe changes as the White and Red Ranger. He later returned to the series in 2004 for Power Rangers Dino Thunder as the Black Ranger and has appeared in several one-off team-up episodes throughout the show’s history, the most recent being last year in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

While the characters personality traits are somewhat dull and his character arc of going from being a martial artist to a race car driver to a paleontologist might not have been the most consistent writing (Hey, it’s Power Rangers), Tommy earned his place in Power Ranger history of being one of the all time greats. He continues to be hugely popular among the fanbase and “Green With Evil” is still considered by many to be some of the best work the show has produced to date.

adam green rangerAdam Park

Behind every great leader is a solid and dependable second in command. Adam Park was just that during his four year run on Power Rangers.

Initially stepping in to replace Zack Taylor as the Black Ranger, Adam would later throw on the green spandex for Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo and become the second green ranger in Power Rangers’ history.

Adam had the perfect qualities of a Power Ranger, always looking out for his friends in times of need and staying calm in times of chaos or duress. And similar to Jason David Frank, actor Johnny Young Bosch was also a skilled martial artist and could execute a spin kick unlike any other.

Unfortunately, Adam played more of a supporting role for most of his time on the series and wasn’t quite given a chance to live up to his full potential.

By the time his character started to receive more storylines in Power Rangers Turbo, he sadly left the show. However, fans would be treated to two more appearances by him down the road: once in 1998 for Power Rangers in Space and again in 2007 for Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

Even though he didn’t reach the same level of popularity that some of the other characters did, Adam was a crucial part of the original era of Power Rangers and his contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed.


Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is an interesting character. On one hand, it can be very easy to hate him for his mean spirit and pure-blood superiority complex (and he is a Slytherin. Kinsey and I are Hufflepuffs.) But on another, can we fully blame him for it?

He was only a product of his environment, being raised by a toxic family who instilled crooked morals in his mind. Even though it doesn’t excuse all the horrible things he did, Draco lived by example.

I think his story is an important one that unfortunately mirrors many social problems happening in real life. Opinions on Draco amongst the Potter fanbase have a very wide range.

As far as the movie series goes, I feel that any likability Draco has should be credited to the charisma and talent of actor Tom Felton. He could have easily phoned in a one dimensional villainous performance, but he was able to give Draco depth and made a lot of fans feel surprisingly empathetic for him.


Gumby is a national treasure. Originally inspired by creator Art Clokey’s 1953 student film “Gumbasia,” little did everyone know that this quirky claymation shape shifter would become an icon in children’s television.

The Gumby Show first hit the tube in 1956 and was a unique mix of common animated children’s show antics and variety show elements such as interviews and games. It was also very remarkable for its surreal and trippy imagery, not feeling too far off from David Lynch’s early animated short films (Can we please get a David Lynch Gumby movie?).

In a very forward way of thinking, green was chosen as Gumby’s color because Clokey saw it as both racially neutral and a symbol of life. The original Gumby Show ran from 1959-1968 and would briefly come back as Gumby Adventures from 1988-1989.

In 1995, Clokey’s production company independently released Gumby: The Movie, which sadly didn’t garner much financial or critical success. Despite that, it was a smash hit in my household. I spent many hours watching it as a child and will always have a fondness and respect for the franchise.

It was announced in 2015 that a new Gumby show was in the works from the Jim Henson Company, but not much information has been released since. We can only hope that one day he will make a return!

223552_196282413748880_4118344_nPeter Criss – The Catman

You could argue that original KISS drummer Peter Criss doesn’t belong on this list as he is a real person. But that would mean you’ve obviously never seen the cinematic masterpiece “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.”

All jokes aside, the Catman persona was invented by Criss to express his ferocious and scrappy personality as well as his belief that he had nine lives. Despite having a tough 1950s gangster demeanor, there was big sensitive side to Mr. Criss, as seen in ballads like “Beth” (Kinsey’s least favorite song in the world) and “Hard Luck Woman.”

That’s not to say that he also couldn’t belt out a rocker like “Hooligan”, “Baby Driver”, (Kinsey’s favorite Peter song) or one of the most epic KISS songs “Black Diamond.”

Although he had some low points, such as his beyond extra Dynasty costume and his questionable solo album, Peter Criss brought a raw energy and bombast to KISS that hasn’t quite been there since his departure.

To the dismay of some fans, current drummer Eric Singer continues to keep the Catman persona alive, introducing it to a whole new generation of fans. But as extraordinary of a musician as Eric Singer is, there will only ever be one true Catman.

The last music Peter released was his 2007 ballad album, “One For All” which was poorly received by both fans and critics. Luckily, there is talk that he is working on fixing this mistake with an upcoming album that will feature some of the heaviest material he’s created to date.

Although he retired from performing live in 2017, we can only hope that he will hop on stage at least once during KISS’ End of the Road Tour to sing “Beth” one more time.

Shrek And Fiona - 900x601Shrek

Somebody once told me that Shrek belongs on this list. The character was originally written for late SNL star Chris Farley (Listen here), but after his untimely passing, his television co star Mike Myers took over.

It proved to not be the easiest task. After initially recording his part with a thick Canadian accent, Myers decided to redo the entire role using a Scottish accent, something he had previously utilized in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” and my personal favorite Myers vehicle: “So, I Married an Axe Murderer.”

Even though it cost four million dollars to re-record his part and re-animate parts of the film, the extra work ended up being well worth it when Shrek became the fourth highest grossing film of 2001. Not to mention imagining Shrek without a Scottish accent is like imagining “Bohemian Rhapsody” without an opera section.

As a character, Shrek is a reminder of an always relevant message to never judge a book by its cover. Despite his exterior as a scary ogre, Shrek proved to be a gentle giant and loyal friend. He is the one true All-Star. (Honorable mention: his wife, Fiona, who is a boss!)


Similar to Draco Malfoy, Gamora also has a tale that involves a dark upbringing.

She was only a child when Thanos reigned genocide on her homeworld. He ended up adopting her and raising her into a cold blooded assassin.

For much of her life, Gamora didn’t know what friendship was until she found herself in prison with a group of superhero misfits who would become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although Gamora is very guarded and mostly keeps to herself, she is definitely someone you’d want on your side in a fight. Not only does she possess unearthly physical strength and a wealth of knowledge for piloting spacecrafts, but also carries a punk rock aesthetic with her everywhere she goes, including the battlefield.

Her troubled relationship with Thanos was the emotional core of Avengers: Infinity War and audiences were crushed when he took her life in order to get his hands on the Soul Stone.

Luckily, she is confirmed to be making an appearance in next month’s Avengers: Endgame so we can only hope that a resurrection is in the works. Especially since James Gunn will be back on board for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!

Lucky,_the_Leprechaun_(General_Mills'_mascot)Lucky from Lucky Charms


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